Michael Popp is a 32 year old Brooklyn resident, and Michael Popp Studio has been running for just over 6 years. With a focus on candid portraiture and subject-driven work, Michael started the studio with the intent of ‘shooting interesting people every day.’ This is a dream fulfilled, albeit with a few bumps along the way. Michael spent the last few years battling Leukemia and receiving a stem cell transplant. He credits this experience for obviously not only changing his life, but defining his pragmatic approach to his work.


Michael started shooting when just a teenager. He was drawn to photos taken by his father, loved the texture of black and white images, and the clunky sound of the shutter. It was a passion he never put down, and is self taught through his own lens of viewing his personal inspirations. Though what really inspires him is finding new ways of expressing emotion in his craft.


Candid street photography and portraiture combine all of the elements that he responds to in photography: faces, lighting, composition. When shooting a subject, he looks for their personal strength whether it be physical utility, inner strength, or emotional endurance. “I find inspiration in the strength of people in the face of their reality or the reality that surrounds us all,” he states.


Michael’s work has been featured in Vogue, Interior Design Magazine, Made Magazine, A Green Beauty, Dwell, IdN, Garden Design, Nylon, Canadian House & Home, CBS, Remodelista, Archinect, and So-EN among others.